State Park

Aloha State ParkAloha State Park is one of the most enjoyable state parks in Michigan. Why?

It’s right on the northeast shore lineĀ of Mullett Lake, one of the truly wonderous inland lakes of Michigan.

The campsites are awesome, the park both quiet and full of families and future friends.

There’s easy access to the boat launch with lakeside campsite available.

When you stay at Aloha State Park, you’re right one of the great boating treasures anywhere in the upper great lakes, Michigan’s Inland Waterway.

There’s a quaint and well stocked local store right the park entrance.

When you come to Aloha State Park, you’re close to some of Michigan’s most sought after tourism destinations like Mackinac Island, the Lake Huron Coast, Cheboygan, and Mackinaw City.

And there no sunsets to match Aloha’s anywhere.

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