Aloha is a small community with a big heart for the outdoors in the Great Up North.  It is nestled almost in the center of the tip of the mitt, bordering on shores of Mullett Lake to the west and a small stretch of the Black River to the east.  Compared to the size of other Townships in Cheboygan County it is somewhat smaller but about average in population.  Aloha boasts two smaller lakes in its confines (Long Lake and Devereaux Lake) which are surrounded by permanent and summer residents.

If you travel by boat on the Inland Water Route, by car and RV on Michigan’s shortest state highway (M-212), or by bicycle on the newly finished and remarkable Northeastern State Trail, you’ll find camping spots that are both peaceful and invigorating.  The sunsets are quite magnificent from the eastern shore of the lakes.

Aloha State Park is one of the busiest of the State Parks.  Campers have come here for generations and always look forward to returning.  The Detroit & Mackinaw Railway established the Park, but it was abandoned after the automobile became the way to travel.  The County then purchased it and additional land to qualify the area as a State Park, donating it all to the State in 1923.

Camp Walden is a 100 acre pristine site and has been located on Long Lake for a number years. Walden is a coed overnight camp for campers entering 2nd through 10th grades.  Activities range from land and water sports to horseback riding and some less traditional camp stuff, like mountain biking gardening and yoga. Go to

In addition to the State Park, Aloha Village is adjacent with a number residents and a store that is open year around to serve them. Check out the store website at

The Township has rich farmlands which were once settled by homesteaders who cleared the land and built the roads. Some of that land is now a five acre Golden River Orchard which was started in 2002. They now have 1,350 trees harvesting eleven varieties of apples in addition to the popular Honey Crisp. An additional one and one-half acres are planted with pumpkins and squash. Each year these fields are opened for personal selection of those special pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns and squash for Thanksgiving decor and dinner. For more information, go to

Aloha also has a small vineyard located on Mann Road, producing four different varieties of Red Grapes. Valiant, King of the North, Beta and Concordare are wholesaled to various wineries in the north.

Tromble Bay Farms was started in 2005 on some of the land that had been in the Tromble Family since 1876. The original farm was designated as a Centennial Farm in year. Tromble Bay Farms is currently farming over 4,000 acres all in Cheboygan County, half in Aloha Township. The 520 head of Angus cows and 27 bulls attract the attention of visitors and residents alike when pasturing in fields near the roads. They calf in the spring and sell them in the fall. The Farms also sell square bales for horse hay to Florida (in 2011, 30,000 bales). They planted other crops in 2012: 360 acres of corn, 100 acres of wheat and 60 acres of oats. For more information, go to

Aloha is a great place to retire or you can move your home-based business here. If you’re looking for a hair salon, there’s the Aloha Village Hair Salon. We also have construction, manufacturers’ representative, assisted living locations and other businesses which dot the countryside. Folks who live in Aloha have a sense of being safe and secure. They relax knowing the fire and safety departments are close at hand with many of the staff members and volunteers choosing to live in Aloha.

Aloha attracts visitors in summer, but many hunters seek turkeys, ducks and deer in the woody areas in the fall. In winter, Mullett Lake attracts ice fishing enthusiasts from nearby states, seeking from secret spots the Muskie, Pike, Walleye and Perch. Winter sports, such as cross-country skiing and snowmobiling, are also very popular.

Discover the history of this place. We were an important stop along the railroad in our day; the people of the great lumbering and resorting eras knew us well.  Visit the Aloha Historical Society website (coming soon) and learn why we think of this place as Northern Michigan’s Lakeside Paradise.

So set your GPS on Aloha, vacation now and retire later in a place that most people only dream of… here in the Great Up North.